Next Gun Show November 2/3, 2019 In PLACERVILLE, CA.

About Us

Hello and welcome to Gold Country Sports! We are a family owned and operated sporting goods business in Newcastle, CA (30 min from Sacramento). We do most of our business online or at gun shows, but also have a manufacturing shop and office at our location for pickups and are happy to help customers here by appointment.

Meet our staff:

John is the AR guy. He manufactures our rifles, co-developed our internal mag lock, and does the gunsmithing on ARís. He can custom build your dream AR at no extra charge, and help you figure out what you want if youíre unsure. He also manufactures our ammo.

James is an Army Veteran and our handgun, shotgun, and curio & relic guy. He can readily answer any question about nearly any firearm (quiz him Ė itís impressive!) and can give you great advice if youíre unsure which firearm to purchase for your specific needs. He also does gunsmithing and restoration.

Dustin is our DuraCoat master. Our colorful ARís are all done in house by him, and he does special orders as well. He also helped design the internal mag lock and assists with building our ARís.

Donna is the one who keeps us legal, and youíll find her in the office behind stacks of paperwork. Any questions about background checks, documentation, laws, etc. can be answered by her.

Kelly and Jessica are usually busy raising our next generation of outdoor enthusiasts, but you might find them at a gun show or helping out at the shop. Kelly also writes the blog and is in the process of updating our website (check back frequently to see what is new), and Jessica and Donna update the Facebook page.

What we stand for:

We believe in providing quality products at low prices and providing great service to our customers. We do not price gouge or bait and switch, and will gladly take the time to talk and/or teach to help you make informed decisions on what to buy, and ensure you feel confident and comfortable with your purchase.

We believe that outdoor sports make great family-friendly activities, and wholesome hobbies to spend your money on. We welcome kids, and believe they should be taught as much about firearms as possible. Feel free to bring them along for pickups or to our tables at gun shows, and we will gladly answer their questions as well!

We believe that knowledge is power. Therefore, we have written articles on our blog detailing the specific laws that people often have questions on or misunderstandings with (with links to the law) so you may fully understand our stateís laws, and help you feel confident that you are not unknowingly breaking any law. We hope this also encourages you to have respectful, informed conversations with our representatives and others, and to join associations such as CRPA and NRA to help preserve gun rights for ourselves and future generations.

We invite you to look through our website, read through our blog, and hope to see you at the next gun show!